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.... is to begin restoring harmony in our community with a positive family friendly music event that welcomes ALL people. Our                                                     campaign will begin building unity by taking small steps to bridge the divide in our local neighborhoods.


The division among people today is contrary to the beauty God intended with His creation of the world.   A large majority of us believe that forgiveness, truth, mutual respect, grace and compromise can transform a community.


We have to start somewhere!


Unity grows when we come together in peace. Through the use of unique God given talents along with collaboration, compromise and taking the focus off ourselves, we will begin to bridge the divide of our polarized nation. 

Rattle the World is on a mission to take the first step toward solidarity and welcome everyone to come together peacefully, to hear a positive, unifying message  thru music that was inspired by God.

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Festival Fun


T: 414-441-5226


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