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This campaign has been designed to create a movement of building unity through random acts of kindness and promoting the positive effects of them, that will re-energize our community.  The goal for Rattle the World, Inc. is to be a conduit for both encouraging and promoting these events.  

The philosophy behind Building Unity Through Kindness is to start with doing one act of kindness for someone that will impact their lives!  Each person touched will be able to grow where they are planted!  In return,  they will be motivated to also pay it forward which will prove to be a positive influence for families, neighborhoods and communities.   


These selfless acts will create an environment that takes the focus off ourselves and promotes forgiveness, truth, mutual respect, grace and compromise resulting in a positive culture change in the entire community!  

Our organization will be partnering with 6 local non-profits that focus on investing in people from all walks of life that have or are facing life altering situations.  

The proceeds donated as a result of this campaign will be 100% given back to the community!

2023 Local Non-Profit Partners

Rattle the World, Inc. has partnered with 6 local non-profit organizations for 2023.   It is our goal to 'live our mission' of paying it forward. The impact of Rattle the Worlds donation is highlighted in the great work they do along with the proven results of their efforts to people in our community. 

Our goal is to create a movement through random acts of kindness and promoting the positive effects that will touch families, neighborhoods and the Greater Milwaukee area and surrounding suburbs.

We invite you to joins us in offering all kinds of acts that are laid on your heart to do...

     *  Mow someones grass         

     *  Make a meal for an struggling family

     *  Care for an elderly person to offer respite

     *  Pay the tab for the person behind you in the drive-thru

     *  The list is endless.......

What's in it for you?  The awesome feeling of giving back and building unity through kindness!  In addition, if you email our organization and tell us the story, we will send you a free T-shirt!  Our email is:

Join us as we Build Unity Through Kindness and change the Greater Milwaukee and surrounding suburbs in a positive way!

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