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Restoring Unity Through Music
One Community at a Time


Rattle the World is on a mission to restore  unity and begin to heal todays divisiveness through music and kindness, one community at a time.

Our 'Build Unity Through Kindness' campaign will compliment and unite local businesses, churches, non-profit agencies  and corporate partners to bring everyone together in a truce for peace and for God's glory!

Our mission will begin by doing random acts of kindness in our community and also welcoming all people to come together to enjoy a positive, family friendly music event.  For more info about our mission, please click the icon below.

There are many ways you can help to support Rattle the World's music concert and our 'Build Unity Through Kindness' campaign.  All our efforts will go toward raising 100% of the funds necessary to unify people through music and support individual acts of kindness designed to break down divisive barriers!  This will allow for unified efforts to improve our community!


There are many great opportunities to become a part of our mission.  We will gladly accept;

     ...prayer and in kind giving

           ...corporate partnerships

              ...event volunteers

                ...operational volunteers             

Please click the icon to see the many ways you can support our mission!  

Our goal of restoring unity begins with the coming together of everyone  in our  neighborhoods to show kindness and grace.  Businesses and the people will work together.  

Please check out our 'Build Unity Through Kindness' campaign. This campaign is being designed to unite our mission, the community and local businesses in support of peace and solidarity in our neighborhoods.

Please click below for more information!

Let's Connect!

Take advantage of an incredible opportunity to make a difference. Join us to raise funds, spread awareness and volunteer for an awesome cause.


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